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(Note: there is a web site associated with this name)

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There are a few different options to buy our names:

  1. Buy directly from Network 007
  2. Buy from renown reseller AFTERNIC
  3. Rent the name for 1 to 10 years
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The price for this domain is
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1500 USD -10%= 1350.00 See the Payment options and transfer process

Why do I get a 10% discount if I buy directly from Network 007?

Very simple, if we go through reseller sites like SEDO or AFTERNIC they take a commission of at least 10% on the price that you pay. Of course we understand that this can make you feel safer to go through such established companies. On the other hand Yves Archambault is a verified Paypal seller since 2004 through and he can provide a lot of references for you to feel confident.


The price for this domain is
  Click on the link above to go to the AFTERNIC selling page for the domain.

Reasons to buy through AFTERNIC?

AFTERNIC DLS is one of the largest domain Aftermarket sites. They also act as an intermediate between the buyer and the seller of a domain or web site. If you already have an account with AFTERNIC and are used to their interface it could be a good reason to use their services for this transaction.


You can rent this name from us:

For 1 year at 191.49$/ year
Optional residual Value: 1,458.51

For 2 years at 191.49/ year
Optional residual Value: 1,267.02
First year 201.49, second year 181.49
For 3 years at 191.49/ year
Optional residual Value: 1,075.53
First year 211.49, next 2 years 181.49
For 4 years at 191.49/ year
Optional residual Value: 884.04
First year 221.49, next 3 years 181.49
For 5 years at 172.34/ year
Optional residual Value: 788.30
First year 212.34, next 4 years 162.34
For 6 years at 172.34/ year
Optional residual Value: 615.96
First year 222.34, next 5 years 162.34
For 7 years at 172.34/ year
Optional residual Value: 443.62
First year 232.34, next 6 years 162.34
For 8 years at 172.34/ year
Optional residual Value: 271.28
First year 242.34, next 7 years 162.34
For 9 years at 172.34/ year
Optional residual Value: 98.94
First year 252.34, next 8 years 162.34
For 10 years at 159.57/ year
Optional residual Value: 54.26
First year 249.57, next 9 years 149.57

Reasons to lease from NETWORK 007?

Sometimes you need some flexibility and also the price of some names can be steep but it's exactly the one that you need for your project. That's why we offer to lease the names from us with a buying option. The amount that you pay every year is deductible of the total amount of the domain name +a one time 10% administration fee. (Example = 1500 + 10%(150.00)=1650.00)

How it works:

When you lease the name from us, we fill a contract that states the amount per year and the leftover price that you'll have to pay if you decide to go ahead and buy the name at today's price.
When you accept the contract you just have to click on the PAYPAL SUBSCRIPTION button and pay using your PAYPAL account. You'll have to pay 10$ per domain rental year the first day (It will be named a 1 day trial on the payment page), this amount is non refundable.

Then after the first day you'll have to pay for the first year. When this is done I will need to know where you want the name directed through clear NAME SERVER instructions or other type of DNS management. I will set this up with the advanced DNS manager at GoDaddy or 10Dollar (The 2 name registrars that we use). This will be executed within 48 hours after the first yearly installment and the 1 day trial period are paid.

NOTE: All payments are processed through PRO KICKER FOOTBAGS Paypal account.


  • Great name for a tech site. News and reviews about the fastest computer.
  • Could be related to selling computers and peripherals.
  • I use it at the moment with affiliate programs to sell web hosting. Just don't have enough time to
  • keep up and add content. The site, code, images is yours with the buying of the domain name.
  • I'll let you think outside the box.

Benefits of doing business with NETWORK007.COM

  • Whether you buy or lease a domain name from us we'll keep the links to your name active on the network
  • You get at least two links on this site: On the Bundle page and on this page.
  • More links could be added on other Network007 keyword landing pages in the future

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For transactions under $1,500 PAYPAL is our Payment option
NOTE: All payments are processed through

#1 . We also accept BANK TRANSFER.

-For transactions over $1,500 BANK TRANSFER is the only payment option.

- The domain names will be transferred swiftly to you (within 48 hours) to the registrar of your choice. It is highly recommended that you create a account for all the domain names except the .ca for which we recommend that you create an account at

It is much easier, and faster, to switch a name to a different account at the same registrar than to proceed to a name registrar transfer.

-There is no shipping involved in this case

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